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Our Mission

 We believe the KEY to a successful relationship is going on frequent dates and making sure that the effort between you both never fades.

It's a common misconception that once a relationship hits a specific milestone, that the 'honeymoon phase' dies and thats the end of that.

That we just have to settle and deal with how things have become.

Well, we're here to put a stop to this old and traditional way of thinking, and replace it with an entire NEW way to experience your relationship!

The Importance Your Relationships Health

The amount of success you achieve in any area of your life all falls back onto how successful the relationship is with your significant other.

(Unless you're obviously single)

Think about it... The moment you notice that your relationship has hit a bit of turbulence or maybe that it's going through a little bit of a rough patch...

It seems like that everything else in your life starts taking the same road.

This is because of the law of attraction - You are what you think about all day long!

So, if things aren't great between you and your partner...

You can bet that it eventually will seep its way through the cracks into every other aspect of your life.

Now, this DOES NOT mean it's time to call it quits... NO!

This means its time to put more focus back on your relationship to bring it back to that amazing feeling of excitement, love and intimacy!

With a happy and love-filled relationship..

You can literally tackle and conquer anything in life!

It gives you that warm feeling of comfort and safety that no matter what, you've always got someone behind you that loves you!

This is the connection and level we have set out to achieve in as many relationships that we possibly can!

The Rise Of Relation-Stagnation

As we touched on above, there seems to be this unspoken time frame that most couples have unwillingly just agreed to...

Some say it happens after 6 months...

Some say after 12...

Some will even hold off until they get married...


If you believe things like:

"The honeymoon phase doesn't last forever"

"You're not meant to be all over each other forever"

"The intimacy only gets less and less exciting"

Than you have probably already started to fall victim to relation-stagnation unfortunately.

But look, it's not your fault, you see, society these days pretty much brainwashes you that this is totally a normal thing.

Then they create reality TV shows of one person dating multiple of the opposite sex, or they parade being with multiple people at a time whilst hiding that from their oblivious partner.

You can see how toxic and damaging this is when you're not conscious or aware.

Our goal is to make sure that none of these sneaky tactics find their way into the special connection and bond you have with your partner.

Why The Ultimate Date Guide Is The Best On The Market

Look, to be completely honest...

There isn't anything quite like The Ultimate Date Guide getting around right now.

Unless you're keen on aimlessly searching Google, blogs or Instagram and YouTube accounts for hours on end...

Our book puts literally hundreds of different date ideas, adventures, challenges road trips and even picnics in your hands...

Thats thousands of different combinations for you to create and come up with.

It removes any confusion and frustration about trying to come up with new and unique date ideas...

And instead, helps you create a much more meaningful and deeper connection between you and the person you care about the most.

If you're ready to rip yourselves BACK into the honeymoon phase or to make sure that you NEVER leave...

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