Chemistry Cards

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200 Conversations Engineered

To EXPLODE The Chemistry!

If it feels like the romance and intensity has faded a long time ago.

If you struggle to figure out new things to talk about together.

For couples who want their relationship to reach a much deeper level.

If you want to skyrocket the connection and intimacy between you.

If you feel like the spark is starting to dissapear between you.

If you would rather spend time apart than spend time together.

If you're looking for more ways to strengthen the relationship and your bond together.

Newbie couples wanting to make sure the honeymoon phase NEVER ends.

Veteran couples wanting to bring back the honeymoon phase and keep it there forever.

A cheap investment for all relationships no matter how new or mature they are.

The perfect gift to subtly tell your partner you want them to open up more!


Prepare For Some Extremely Deep

And Vulnerable Conversations.


Conversation Starters Covering All

Levels Of The Romance Spectrum.

✅ When You Met

✅ How You Love

✅ What You Expect

✅ Challenging Topics

✅ Getting 'Close' ;)

✅ Fantasies

✅ Releasing Trauma

✅ Frustrations

✅ What Excites You

✅ Funny Iconic Moments

🤔 Learn New Things 🤔

We often don't feel the need to mention certain things about each other. This game is perfect for bringing those usually unnoticed things to life.

🔥 Re-Spark Old Flames 🔥

Take a trip down memory lane and re-live all the same emotions and feelings like you just started!

💪 Build Back Stronger 💪

As we get more comfortable as a couple, we tend to let the effort fade away. This is the perfect opportunity to speak your truth to get things back to how they were.

🤪 Let Your Wild Side Out 🤪

This is the most important topic of any relationship. So, both parties should have a complete understanding of what the other person enjoys.


EXPLODE The Fun, Romance & Spontaneity

Create a relationship your friends and followers will be totally envious of.

A love and connection everyone will wish they had with their partner.

Share an intimacy so strong only1/1,000,000 ever get to experience.

Create more memories together so that you live more fulfilled lives.

If communication isn't your relationships strongest point, these cards will fix that!

Have real fun again in the relationship like you just started. Bring the 'good ole days' back.

Bring back the butterflies and burning desire to be close.

Play this game anywhere! Home, on a road trip, on the plane, on your holiday.

Avoid wasting money on fancy dinner dates. Instead, stay home and play this game.

Be proud to be your relationship knowing how strong and in love you both are.

Effortlessley create and share special experiences you'll both cherish forever.


Unlike most investments, we can guarantee

you'll see an immediate return!

A small investment that ensures you'll both NEVER leave the honeymoon phase.
It's never been easier to create a deeper romance between you and your partner.
Finally get the chance to feel what a fairy tale romance feels like. Just like the movies.
Create a relationship and bond so strong it only gets stronger and better with age.

Customer Reviews

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Veronica Copelo Rivero

I love it, me and my partner are so excited to start trying out some new adventures 😊

Kathleen Farthing
road trips, picnic & platters and the ultimate couples challenge

Looking forward to using all the books I bought 😃