Couples Challenges Edition

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Perfect For Any Couple Looking To

Add Some ACTION To Their Relationship!

If it feels like the romance and intensity has faded a long time ago.

If you struggle to figure out new date ideas and unique things to do together.

For couples who are hopeless at being romantic, creative & thoughtful

If you're not getting close to each other at least twice a week.

If you feel like the spark is starting to dissapear between you.

If you would rather spend time alone than spend time together.

If you're looking for more ways to strengthen the relationship and your bond together.

Newbie couples wanting to make sure the honeymoon phase NEVER ends.

Veteran couples wanting to bring back the honeymoon phase and keep it there forever.

A cheap investment that ensures you hours of exciting and romantic moments.

A subtle way to say "LET'S DO SOMETHING TOGETHER!" to your partner.


I will be popping into your messages every

couple of days to deliver new tasks...


DOZENS of super fun & exciting

challenges to ignie the fire between you!

💖 Love Language

💖 3 Course Dinner

💖 Exquisitely $10

💖 $20 Thrift Store

💖 Hello, Masterchef

💖 Unsighted Petting

💖 I Said YES!

💖 Clumsy Picasso

💖 Plus MANY More!

👌 Cheap & Easy 👌

Date night should NEVER be expensive! It's usually the cheapest and the nastiest expereinces that you remember forever.

🥾 The Adventure 🥾

We've made sure some of our challenges rip you as far out of your comfort zone as possible!

🥰 Making Memorabilia 🥰

We want you to remember your experiences forever! A great way to achieve this is via collecting bits & pieces along your relationships journey to look back on.

🤪 Let Yourselves Go 🤪

It's not really about creating the most perfect end result. It's more about creating the most wild and messy adventure to get there.


EXPLODE The Fun, Romance & Spontaneity

Start going on dates that your friends and followers will be totally envious of.

Create a love and connection everyone will wish they had with their partner.

Share an intimacy so strong only1/1,000,000 ever get to experience.

Create more memories together so that you live more fulfilled lives.

A safety net so that no matter how stuck you get for new date ideas, you’ll have this book to refer back to.

Have real fun again in the relationship like you just started. Bring the 'good ole days' back.

Bring back the butterflies and burning desire to be close.

Make date night a once a week thing with date ideas you never knew you'd get to experience.

Save THOUSANDS on typical fancy dinner dates,while actually creating a much deeper love by executing my free date ideas instead.

This book doubles as a timecapsule and scrapbook for you to collect all of your favourite moments to look back on when you're both older.

Effortlessley create and share special experiences you'll both cherish forever.


Unlike most investments, we can guarantee

you'll see an immediate return!

A small investment that ensures you'll both NEVER leave the honeymoon phase.
It's never been easier to create a deeper romance between you and your partner.
Finally get the chance to feel what a fairy tale romance feels like. Just like the movies.
Create a relationship and bond so strong it only gets stronger and better with age.

Customer Reviews

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Nikki Mcdonald
Couples Challenge

This book is absolutely brilliant! my partner & myself we're always stubborn on date ideas & in a little rut but this book has change everything!
Thank you guys so much & take care!

renae harrison

Can’t wait to start this